We work as a team to create designs that suit your lifestyle

The SOLsisters create designs according to your palate’s preferences and dietary requirements by using strategies that maximize productivity in your unique space. We do not use any chemical or synthetic products in our SOLscapes gardens… Ever.
Veggie Herb bed designs

Veggie/herb bed designs

(Re) Creating beautiful ornamental landscapes that are pleasing to the eye while simultaneously providing food. These designs enable you to grow as many of your own organic fruits, veggies and herbs as possible. Maximize your yield!

Veggie Herb bed designs

Indigenous plant landscape designs

Contribute to our local ecosystem by fostering biodiversity. These designs focus on plants that occur naturally and/or thrive in our local environment. The result is a landscape that requires little maintenance once it has established itself.

Veggie Herb bed designs

Small space designs

This is a viable option for those working with a limited amount of space. Edible hanging baskets, vertical garden beds and patio planters have the capacity to produce an impressive amount of food when planted and cared for correctly. We offer many unique design alternatives.

We implement a variety of planting strategies when designing a productive landscape.
    • Companion planting
    • SPIN farming (Small Plot Intensive Farming)
    • Permaculture and polyculture design
    • Soil structure building
    • Pacific Northwest plant regeneration
landscaping services design companion planting
landscaping services design veggie herb beds
landscaping services design
landscaping services design of indigenous plants small spaces



Building the Future

SOLscapes offers new garden installations as well as renovations or expansions to pre-existing gardens. We build in all types of spaces ranging from:
    • Balconies and patios
    • Front and back yards
    • Vertically
    • Commercial properties
    • Strata properties
    • Residential properties
Sourcing plants, soil and building materials locally is always a priority in our installations.
landscaping installations on front and back yards
landscaping installations on balconies and patios
landscaping installations on residential properties
landscaping installations on commercial properties vertically
landscaping installations on herb beds
landscaping installations on herb beds
landscaping installations on commercial properties
landscaping installations on different spaces



Tight for time?

SOLscapes offers year round, rain or shine, low impact maintenance practices through the use of human powered equipment (as opposed to gas powered) and locally sourced organic compost amender (rather than synthetic fertilizers). These practices eliminate the generation of more noise, air, soil and groundwater pollution while promoting plant health and productivity.

Vegetable and Herb Beds

We do it all! We can plan and plant these beds, maintain them throughout the season and harvest produce for your own enjoyment. Some maintenance practices include plant specific thinning, mulching, weeding, deadheading, watering and winterizing. Bon Apétit!

Fruit Trees

“Training” young fruit trees is important for their future structure, health and productivity. We offer harvesting services for those of you who do not have the time, tools or ability to pick your fruit. We can leave the produce on your doorstep if you’re inspired to use it in the kitchen, donate it, compost it or take it off-site in order to avoid inviting bears over for a yummy snack. We also provide mature fruit tree pruning to control growth.

Ornamental and Indigenous Landscapes

This includes tree and shrub pruning, mulching, watering, fertilizing (with organic products) and weeding.


Our push reel mowers and edging shears are a quiet and great emissions free alternative. Now that’s a healthy haircut!

Garden sitting

We offer temporary maintenance for those of you looking to get away.

landscaping services maintenance of gardens, lawns and edible landscapes
landscaping services maintenance of ornamental and indigenous landscapes
landscaping services maintenance of gardens, lawns and edible landscapes
landscaping services maintenance of lawns and garden sitting
landscaping services maintenance of herb beds and composters
landscaping services maintenance herb beds
landscaping services maintenance of fruit trees
Vegetable and herb beds maintenance



Addressing food security, ecological sustainability, nutrition and self sufficiency.

SOLscapes is committed to community connection and empowerment through hands on learning opportunities. Our focus is on addressing food security, ecological sustainability, nutrition, and self sufficiency. We connect with community in a variety of ways such as:
  • One-on-one or group coaching sessions: for a more involved, personalized approach to get to know your garden space. Go on and get your hands dirty!
  • Customized planting guides and maps: designed for specific growing spaces based on your fruit/veggie preferences, spatial limitations and opportunities to maximize growing potential throughout the seasons, all the while being guided by SOLscapes professionals. This service is a great opportunity to add to your gardening tool kit throughout the growing season.
  • Reminders: Need help remembering the finer details? We will email quick reminders for seasonal trends such as which veggies need to go in the ground and when to help keep you on track.
  • Squamish farmers Markets: SOLscapes has previously been asked to host the “What’s In Booth” providing up to date information on the benefits of buying organic vegetables and herbs from local growers. Learn how to prepare, preserve and savor your seasonal goodies! SOLscapes fosters a strong focus on supporting local initiatives. You will often find us at community volunteer events and collaborating with other local businesses.
  • Workshops: The SOLsisters love attending and hosting a variety of workshops. We’re always open to ideas and suggestions so please feel welcome to share. Stay tuned to our news page for upcoming events!
We observe, listen, make suggestions, choose a course of action and perform necessary adjustments in a collaborative way.
Landscaping services education
Landscaping services education DIY
Landscaping services education food security
Landscaping services education workshops
Landscaping services education reminders food security
Landscaping services education coaching
Landscaping services education one-on-one classes ecological sustainability
Landscaping services education workshops self sufficiency