Easter Egg Organic


  • Blend of multicoloured radishes
  • Round, crisp, flavourful roots
  • All grow at about the same rate
  • Open-pollinated seeds
  • Matures in 28 days
  • 4g (approx. 460 seeds)

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Easter Egg Organic radish seeds are CERTIFIED ORGANIC! Easter Egg II radish seeds are a blend of six distinctly coloured radishes. The flesh is white and the roots can become relatively large without getting pithy. Look for white, rose pink, bubblegum pink, amethyst, mauve, scarlet and purple roots. The uniform roots are round, crisp, and flavourful, with tops that are good for bunching. Get the most out of your radish bed with this blend of diverse colours for spring and fall growing. Provide some frost protection by means of a cloche greenhouse, and you may be able to grow for winter harvests. Once radishes begin to bolt in response to warm soil in early summer, they should be pulled and composted. The process cannot be reversed, and a bolting radish is no good for eating.

Matures in 28 days. (Open-pollinated seeds)