Wildfire Arugula


  • Grows like wildfire
  • Tasty and nutritious
  • Award winner
  • Great in containers
  • Matures in 35-49 days
  • 0.5g (approx. 1850 seeds)

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Wildfire arugula seeds produce a beautiful sweet flavour followed by a mild peppery kick. This award-winning new arugula grows like wildfire, and is ready to pick just 35 days after sowing for baby greens. Its bright green, slightly serrated leaves grow upright instead of spreading out on the ground. Wildfire is slow to bolt, and perfect for market growing or for patio containers. Wildfire arugula seeds are excellent for use as microgreens. Even when tiny, the distinctive arugula flavour is strong. Try sprinkling some over cooked pizza just before serving. You’ll be as hooked as we are!

Matures in 35-49 days. (Open-pollinated seeds)