Chop’n’Drop Cover Crop

Jordie Residential

Sometimes our work on one property can be viewed through a variety of lenses, and here is a great demonstration of that versatility.

Squamish's’ distinct landscape brings with it unique building sites and yard spaces. That said, our contemporary design here was themed with low maintenance, simplistic linear patterns that simultaneously function to retain and stabilize the steep slope while minimizing runoff.


Another chapter to this ongoing project is getting the veggie garden up to its full productive potential. This meant tending to the soil quality by amending it appropriately along with planting a specialized, nutrient dense cover crop blend. Cover cropping is an excellent way to enrich your soil over the fall, winter and spring. They can be tilled into your soil come spring, composted, or chopped and dropped at soil level for mulching. There are at least 8 great reasons to cover crop. Come early summer, we are expecting a high yield of second generation SOLscapes grown organic garlic. How neat is that?