Grow BIG or go home

Jordie Residential

Introducing our farm family! Equipped with enthusiasm and teamwork, we will be facilitating a gradual transition from grass to garden. For SO many reasons, it's time to re-think your lawn.

Conventional lawns are ornamental and often underused. The overall objective of this work in progress is high density food production. For starters, we have custom made a 20'×5' raised cedar bed complete with simple greenhouse add-on to extend the growing season for cold weather crops. And to cover all the bases, this super dedicated and passionate customer got a refresher coaching session on a few key topics for success: sun exposure, soil testing, fall crops, greenhouse basics, permaculture principles, seeding, succession planting and thinning, mulching, berry and fruit tree selection, trellising and pruning.

Mission 1.0 accomplished. This is the perfect space for a family to grow into. Stay tuned for this seasons progress shots! Next up, berry patch installation.