Squamish Fruit Tree Project

Jordie Community Initiative

Got Fruit? What's your gameplan? In partnership with Squamish CAN and Wildsafe BC, SOLscapes is gearing up for another season of bounty to help support fruit tree management while minimizing human-wildlife conflict in our community in accordance with the Squamish Wildlife Attractant Bylaw.

We are equipped with a great harvesting team, proper sterilized gear, we appropriately dispose of rotten fruit and we donate produce back to the community through local partnerships. While our goal is to minimize unnecessary interactions with wildlife, we also strive to grow responsibly and support local food initiatives that address food security issues.


Tree pruning services are available where necessary to maintain the health of your fruit tree/bush for a productive (and accessible!) harvest.

Squamish residents are responsible for managing their fruit trees and we can help! Join our volunteer team, hang out in fruit trees and graze while your at it. Get in touch! info@solscapes.ca